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Welcome to the home of the Bull Arab. Best known for its ability to hunt feral pigs of Australia and showing its increasing value as a member of the family. This type of dog has been in Australia for many years but as yet have not been recognised as a Pure Breed, however, they are well known amongst the hunting fraternity and although they are not the only type of dog used for hunting, they have proven their ability for the task.

The Bull Arab was developed in the mid 1970's. Different breeds were crossed together to strive for the ultimate pig dog. The cross used in the Bull Arab was chosen for its temperament and trainability.


Over time, as the interest into this style of dog has grown so to has the breeding of the dogs. Not only breeders who try and breed true to type dogs but also those who use it in a cross with other breeds. However, there are some people who are cashing in on the name of the dog and they are being sold as a straight Bull Arab, not a cross, and this is making it hard for people to identify what is a true Bull Arab. So that we don't lose sight of these magnificent dogs, in 2007 a group of concerned and dedicated Bull Arab followers banded together to form the Australian Bull Arab Registry Inc, to make sure that the Bull Arab that we know and love today, is still around in generations to come.

So we hope you enjoy the site as we strive to meet the requirements of the Bull Arab community and if you are interested in becoming a Member and registering your dogs, click on the Contact Us page and send us a line!